Kid Correspondents for “Oh Freedom”

We’re happy to welcome Nickolas Bean and Beth Gonzales as our newest “MainStreet Kid Correspondents”.  They’ll be visiting rehearsals of Oh Freedom! The Story of the Underground Railroad, and sharing their experience via videos, which will be posted right here on our blog!

Nickolas BeeneNickolas is 13, attends the California School of the Arts and is part of their professional performing group.  He’s been a cast member in some of the RC Community Theatre shows, so is very familiar with the Lewis Family Playhouse!  We’re looking forward to his conversations with MainStreet’s professional actors and creative team.

Beth Gonzales

Beth, 16,  also loves performing, and writes her own music, plays guitar, and sings.  She’s participated  in many classes at the Cultural Center’s Theatre Arts Academy, and also sings with her school’s highest level singing group.  Music is an important part of Oh Freedom!, so we’re sure Beth will be interested in talking to our musical director!

Oh Freedom! deals with an important movement in American History, and we’re curious and excited to hear from today’s teens about how history relates to their own lives, in 2018.



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