Take the Play Home! Activities for the Family after the show

Elephant and Piggie “We are in a Play” has been over for about two weeks now, but that does not mean the fun has to end! During the run of the show you might have seen our added-value activities in the lobby. This was our way of having our audience members connect with the themes and ideas of the show before seeing it.

One of those activities was to ask our audience members to share things about their best friends, since that was a major theme in the play. We asked kids to tell us what their favorite thing to do with their best friend was, who their best friend was, and their favorite thing about them. We asked them to write them on ice cream cones that they could color as well. We proudly displayed them in our lobby for the rest of the run. If you didn’t get the chance to do the activity, they are posted below so you can print them out at home.

Best Friend Cone 3 cone 4

 Ice Cream Board 1

For audience members that came on class field trips, they did not do this activity, but teachers could access our study guide, which included activities and lessons they could do in the classroom. If you would like to look at the study guide you can click here.

Now that the show is over, we want to share some ideas for post-show crafts that can keep the themes and ideas of Elephant and Piggie going, “even after it ends.”

If you want to reenact the play, sing-a-long to the songs, or read the books out loud together, you can add a little extra fun by creating these Elephant and Piggie puppets. Print the PDFs of Elephant and Piggie, cut them out and attach them to a paper bag. Then you will have your very own “talking East African elephant with glasses” and his best pig pal. This makes the stories even more interactive and imaginative, as they can bring the characters they saw on stage back to life.


If puppets were interactive enough, we found a great way to make Elephant and Piggie masks.

It only requires paper plates, and some construction paper, but is a great way to customize what they think Elephant and Piggie should look like. The way we portrayed Gerald and Piggie was a little different than how they look in the books, so they can do the same thing here.


Some of the feedback we received from our young audience member was that they loved seeing Piggie’s toy breaking and going back together. Here’s a way to make your own smaller version of Piggie’s New Toy that was seen in the play:

1) Take two sides of different colored Easter eggs

2) Attach pipe cleaners to the end of the eggs

3) Add pom-poms to the end of the pipe cleaners.

Abra-ka-zammy-wing-bob! You have a brand new snap and break toy.

Elephant & Piggie: “We are in a Play” was based on five of the Mo Willems book series. If you are interested in book-specific activities for Elephant and Piggie, we found this study guide! This has plenty more games and activities that connect with the book series. With each book they read, they can connect it back to the play and learn new things from the books not featured in our show.

We would like to thank you for seeing the show, reading the blog, and hope to see you come back for FairyTales:Unscripted.


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